Pole Aerial Photography

....Up to 10 meters / 33 feet

By mounting a remote control camera on a telescopic mast it is possible to capture unique images that showcase a property or business premises.

Photographs from this height help place the building in it's environment, revealing landscape and vistas that cannot be captured from the ground.   Please visit the portfolio page to see examples of my work.

I operate two mast systems; a heavy duty pneumatic mast and a lighter weight carbon fiber telescopic pole, both reach a similar height at around 10m or 33'

The heavy duty mast has a steel tripod base and is used with the camera tethered to a laptop and mounted on a remote control head. The mast and base are portable and can be set up in most places, it takes about 35 minutes to be ready to shoot, and slightly less to move between viewpoints on location.

Less is more...

The light weight pole is hand held with the camera triggered via a simple remote control. This is my prefered system as it allows me to work very efficiently. I can work quickly, trying different angles and heights, in most cases this enables me to provide a selection of different compositions that would be prohibitavely expensive to capture using the heavy duty mast.

Other services

High Eye Imaging is part of Home-Tour property photography operated by Marcus Newey, as well as elevated photography I can also provide...
Interior PhotographyHome-tour property photography provides high quality interior photography for vendors, estate agents and developers.
Floorplans Accurate and representative floorplanning service
Micro sitesSingle page and minimalist multipage site design and content creation for property sales, holiday lets, hospitality and small businesses.
360° ImagingFullscreen HD virtual tours by request.


It's best to contact me to discuss the best option for you. Prices start at £87.50, current rates for all Home-tour property marketing services can be found here